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Metamorphosis is available for download at iTunes Music Store, CDBaby, Amazon, and other online sources.

One hour of Shana’s solo acoustic 6 & 12 string guitar instrumentals. A diverse collection ranging from Celtic and Appalachian to blues, slide and New Acoustic.

Many of these compositions make use of open tunings that give her 6 and 12 string guitars great depth and resonance. Austen (Aisenberg) is among the finest fingerstyle guitarists and her bottleneck technique is flawless.” Dirty Linen.

1 Sunflowers 2 Metamorphosis 3 Bulgarian Highlife 4 Hawaiian Serenade 5 Goin’ Round The Barn/ Kitchen Gal/ Cluck Old Hen 6 Fields 7 Off In The Distance/ Marching Into The Mire/ Piper’s Lament 8 Coming Home 9 Midnight Waltz 10 Compton Peak / Rain Runners 11 Country Life 12 On The Edge 13 Obtuse Angles 14 Vox Spiritus 15 You Done Made A Grown Man Cry 16 Summer Nights 17 Brighton Beach Waltz 18 Wheels In Motion 19 Amazing Grace/ God Don’t Never Change 20 Brooklyn Rag


DESERT WINDS ~ As heard on NPR’s Hearts of Space.

Desert Winds

CDs ~ $5 each plus $2.50 shipping in the US.

Desert Winds is available for download at iTunes Music Store, CDs can be purchased online at CDBaby, Amazon, and other online sources.

Desert Winds is dedicated to the memory of Freyda Epstein, November 30, 1956 – May 17, 2003. Her beautiful voice, violin and warm spirit graces this recording.

Desert Winds is an album of Shana’s original compositions for acoustic and MIDI acoustic guitar. The pieces encompass diverse styles, from Hedges inspired two-handed tapping on the title cut Desert Winds, acoustic jazz on Waiting, to guitar-synth gone haywire of The Computer Is Down. Most of the pieces are duets or trios with the acoustic guitar in the foreground.

Shana is joined by co-producer Freyda Epstein, violin and voice; also special guests Ralph Gordon, acoustic bass and cello; Madeline MacNeil, hammered dulcimer and voice; Bob Read, soprano sax and piano; Tom Espinola on frame drums; and Tom Jones on percussion and brake drums.

Balances the rich timbres of the acoustic steel stringed guitar with a lush ensemble and the extended sonic possibilities of guitar synthesizer. Shana solos against an ever changing drone, the effect is an almost palpable breathing as the composition unfolds.” MIDI Guitarist.

1 Desert Winds 2 Clouds 3 Heat Wave 4 Glass Rainbows 5 Waiting… 6 ‘Round Midnight 7 Be 8 Ayre 9 Moonrise 10 The Computer Is Down


Shana has co-written a ukulele instruction series with Greg Horne, and recently published by Alfred Music. Look for it in your local music store, or order online.

The Complete Ukulele Method: Beginning Ukulele
By Greg Horne and Shana Aisenberg / ed. Daniel Ho

The First Book and DVD in The Complete Ukulele Method!
Perfect for beginning ukulelists as well as players who want to enhance their knowledge, Beginning Ukulele teaches everything you need to know to get started on the instrument, including chords, strumming, picking, basic music theory, and reading tablature (TAB) and standard music notation. Guitarists wanting to expand their musical horizons will also find this to be the perfect introduction to playing the ukulele. The book features lots of fun songs in a variety of styles, including rock, blues, Hawaiian, fiddle tunes, and fingerstyle. On the DVD, Daniel Ho’s friendly, easy-to-understand explanations and demonstrations make learning to play the ukulele fun and easy. Featuring practice tips and other important issues for the beginning ukulelist, Beginning Ukulele is the most thorough method available for beginning ukulele students.
* Examples in easy-to-read TAB and standard music notation
* Songs and solos to practice
* Special ukulele strums and other right-hand techniques, such as fingerstyle and picking
* Left-hand techniques, including hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides
* Topics such as music theory, improvising, and how to practice
* Lessons on ukulele styles, including folk, Hawaiian, rock, blues, and more!

The Complete Ukulele Method: Intermediate Ukulele
By Greg Horne and Shana Aisenberg / ed. Daniel Ho

The second book and DVD in The Complete Ukulele method!
Intermediate Ukulele is great for ukulele players who have learned the basics and are ready to take the next step. Starting with an easy-to-follow lesson on chord theory, it then covers several major areas of study, including grooves, the blues, playing melodies and chord-melodies, and even jazz! Perform both the melodies and accompaniments for timeless classics like “Amazing Grace” and “Greensleeves.” Then start jamming, as you learn to improvise using pentatonic scales. Greg Horne and Shana Aisenberg together with editor and video instructor Daniel Ho make learning easy and fun while you become a true ukulelist!

The Complete Ukulele Method: Mastering Ukulele

By Greg Horne and Shana Aisenberg / ed. Daniel Ho

Learn about arranging chord-melody solos using the entire ukulele fretboard, and have fun playing solos of well-known songs like “When the Saints Go Marching In” and “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Techniques like triplet strums, bursts, split strums, and fan strokes are introduced. Explore musical styles such as old school, ragtime, Hawaiian, fingerstyle, and rock—and learn rhythms from around the world. Have fun rocking, getting funky, and improvising over jazz progressions. Any ukulele player, no matter how advanced, will improve their playing with this book and DVD featuring ukulele star Daniel Ho.


15 fingerstyle slide guitar solos in tablature and standard notation: blues, Hawaiian, klezmer, Indian ragas, and more. Uses D, G, C and other modal open tunings. The companion CD features Shana playing all the pieces in the book on six, twelve string and National resonator guitars. Published by Mel Bay. Book/CD combination. click here to order directly from Mel Bay Publications

FINGERSTYLE COLLECTION A collection of twelve of Shana’s most popular fingerstyle guitar compositions. These pieces teach and demonstrate the use of various modern acoustic fingerstyle techniques including two-handed percussive playing, cross string or harp style arpeggios, open tunings, odd-metered rhythms and changing tunings while playing. The accompanying CD contains selections from Shana’s most recent solo CDs, Metamorphosis and Desert Winds, along with two pieces from earlier releases. Published by Mel Bay. Book/CD combination. click here to order directly from Mel Bay Publications